Drawing on over a quarter of a century of combined experience in Formula One motorsport, MotoGP and hypercars, ARBR was born out of a desire to built the ultimate, no compromise mountain bike.

Combining cutting-edge manufacturing methods and forward-thinking geometry, ARBR exploded onto the scene in 2013 with its first bike, the Saker. This was followed by the stunning RB2, with its swooping lines and low-slung swingarm. Both bikes are build to order and are manufactured to the highest specifications. It’s fair to say ARBR has forged a name for itself in the highly competitive mountain bike industry as a brand to watch.


The bold design of the Saker caused a bit of stir when the bike debuted. The internet forums were split on the design. Roost was brought in to develop some new colourways for the Saker, which would compliment the striking styling while visually reducing the cross-section of the frame through the use of contrasting colours and keylines.

Roost then worked with ARBR to develop their branding, introducing a new wordmark and icon. The icon is designed to look like twin mountain peaks, with its intersecting lines representing a twisting, turning bike trail. The letters A, R, B, R can also be formed from the icon. The newly developed ARBR wordmark uses a custom font with a modern aesthetic. To support the new branding, we also produced a set of detailed brand usage guidelines.

The new branding is showcased perfectly on ARBR’s stunning follow-up to the Saker, the RB2.



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